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In an ever-expanding healthcare marketing landscape, you not only need to be connecting better at critical points of care, you need to be with consumers at every point in between. That takes having the right information, accessing the right places, and understanding the complete care experience. We call it iX, or individual experience, and it is the foundation of everything we do.


We use an abundance of resources to analyze our network of pharmacies, physician offices, and digital solutions, then combine this information with your pertinent brand research to create the best campaign possible.

Retailer Chain Prescription Data

Retailer Chain Prescription Data

As part of our proprietary pharmacy relationships, we have access to store-by-store prescription drug data.

Patient Medical Claims

Patient Medical & Rx Claims Data

Access to 1+ billion patient medical and prescription claims gives us the ability to create custom audiences.

Geolocation Data

Visitation Data

Data that specifies the InStep pharmacies and physician offices that have been frequented by a given target audience.

Purchase Data

Health-Related Purchase Data

Loyalty card and store-by-store basket data across numerous OTC and CPG product categories.



Reaching Patients & Consumers

Putting you at the center of their world.

To connect with consumers, you need to fit into their lives on their terms and empower them with information. That’s what we do best.

  • 85% of people self-treat with OTC meds, and we put your message in front of them

  • We help you reach patients while they are in the waiting room and the exam room

  • 2.9 million consumers see one of one of our pharmacy media displays each day

  • We keep you connected with digital capabilities that reach target consumers before, during, and after their POC visits

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Doctor Writing a Prescription

Reaching Healthcare Providers

Where points of care become points of possibility.

A care provider’s recommendation can be all your brand needs to create a connection with consumers. Customize that conversation with information that doesn’t just communicate, but educates, and the connection is even deeper. That’s why we integrate your product into more relevant solutions for care providers and those they care for.

  • 9 of 10 consumers say they will purchase a product recommended by their provider

  • One-third of patients who try a sample will buy the product

  • 1M+ healthcare professionals nationwide participate in our programs

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Proven results start with the proof.

We’re not only ready to make an impact, we’re prepared to measure the impact we make. Our built-in, flexible measurement platform utilizes best-in-class data and third-party partners to deliver comprehensive metrics and insights for the programs we execute for your business.

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