Reaching Healthcare Providers

Caring for the care providers.

When it comes to healthcare solutions, education isn’t exclusively for patients. InStep Health works closely with healthcare providers and pharmacists, giving them relevant information and support — for their business and their patients.

Patient Activation Kit

InStep Health Education Kits

Patients want their health care providers to be informed and up to date about possible solutions for their health and well-being. The InStep Health education kit is ideal for educating HCPs and staff about new or established OTC, CPG, or prescription drug products. It functions as a unique sales support program that enables brands to overcome the challenges presented by reduced personal interactions with physicians and fewer sales representatives.

For Rx brands, the kits may include brochures, table tents, posters, and other items for the care provider to share knowledge, either by handing out to patients or displaying in their office. For OTC brands, our InStep Health education kit can also include samples and coupons.


increase in HCP recommendations
after a targeted CPG program


HCP Digital & Email

We pair digital and email coverage on a 1:1 individual basis to nearly every single physician and HCP that opts into our in-office programs. Reaching them in their email boxes throughout the campaign, we bolster message recall, reinforce other tactics, and examine behavior changes. Added to this is our ability to target opted in HCPs via programmatic inventory as they access the internet on work and personal desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.


Pharmacist Direct

Pharmacy service and support extend the power of in-pharmacy media displays. We deliver educational materials to the pharmacist so when customers see your display the pharmacist and staff are prepared to answer their questions. Pharmacy Direct raises awareness about your medication and reminds pharmacists about important information.

Doctor with Tablet

Relationship building + Results

How’s your point of care program doing? InStep Health keeps you at the center of care by connecting you to feedback from health care providers and patients. Through pre- and post-surveys, we ask questions that get to the heart of your campaign goals: brand awareness, HCP and patient receptivity to program materials, and changes in prescribing behavior. Time and again, we have found that the endorsement of a trusted provider has proved effective for our OTC and Rx clients.


higher sales conversions
than other programs in a
head-to-head product test

Doctor Conferring

Physician service and support

Healthcare providers focus on individual patient outcomes and guard their professional reputation as a trusted resource. When partnering with physicians and other health care providers, we also guard the relationships we’ve built. During regular check-ins, our in-house team of physician liaisons share insights and gather feedback from our HCP partners, ensuring awareness and engagement. We never ship items without their prior approval. Instead, when HCPs qualify for a InStep Health program, we let them know if we think it’s a good fit for their patients. Our commitment to high standards has helped us build our reach beyond any other point of care marketing company.

  • 50% increase in HCP recommendations for one CPG, now #1 brand in their category


healthcare professionals
in our network

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Patientperx Patient Activation Bags facilitated physician/patient discussions about OAB treatment options.

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OTC Clinical Strength Deodorant

Dermatologist recommendations for the featured brand increased by 45% with over 90% of targeted patients trying the provided samples.

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OTC Daytime/Nighttime Cold Remedy

Physician recommendations increased nearly 50% and brand saw significant sales lift of featured products following a Patientperx patient activation program.

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