What Our Team Took Away from DTC National 2020

Like many events as of late, we found ourselves attending this year’s DTC National Conference virtually. So, what did we think…? It was packed with insights on relevant issues, great speakers, and specialized experts! The topics encompassed everything from patient support technology to health media and generational differences. Let’s not forget the National Advertising Awards – of which we were finalists for our Narcan program in the Most Innovative Campaign category! Here are a few of the key takeaways that our team took from this event…

-From Cate Carley

I enjoyed hearing the perspectives of Karen Newmark from PoC3. She pointed out that telemedicine wasn’t the only part of the healthcare community making waves during the pandemic. She discussed how many physical points of care (POC) have become more integrated with technology to improve the patient experience. And although we saw a rise in the adoption of telemedicine during the height of the pandemic, we have since seen the rapid return of patients to in-person, POC visits.

-From Fil Wiacek

A thought that resonated well with me came from a panel of marketers covering a case study that targeted millennials for the treatment of Hyperhidrosis. Millennials (myself included), have this sense that we are somewhat invincible and somehow immune to health issues. But this couldn’t be further from the truth, and seeing how leaders in our industry are addressing these common “millennial misconceptions” is refreshing and welcomed!

-From Meghan Reda

My favorite session was The Enduring Power and Strategic Imperative of Print. It was really interesting hearing the perspective of Jan Weinstein, of Publicis Health Media, and how she views print as an essential component in her marketing plans. It still has a large reach & proven results. It made me think about the consumer and technology evolution, and although we believe we are a “digital” world now, traditional media still has a place. Although telemedicine is relevant – and a new form of healthcare – it isn’t replacing traditional medicine and we can’t forget that!  Otherwise, as marketers, we would end up missing the opportunity to reach a big part of our target audiences.

It was a unanimous decision ‒ the InStep Health team thoroughly enjoyed the conference, and judging by the great attendance, so did our colleagues! We certainly missed taking part in all of the festivities that are part of a traditional in-person event.  But just like in years past, we took great pleasure connecting at the end of the event to share notes and ideas from our favorite panels. In-person or online—we look forward to DTC National 2021!