Bridging the Past and the Future: Innovation and Growth During a Pandemic

InStep Health began with the idea that through innovation, healthcare marketing could be reinvented. From its inception as Rx EDGE Media Network to its acquisition of Brandperx, InStep Health has continued to innovate and grow with the marketplace’s changing needs.  I couldn’t be more excited about what we are doing today and what is in store for the future.  Right now, InStep Health delivers the most comprehensive health marketing platform in the industry.  We combine the trust and authority of HCP offices, the pharmacy’s accessibility and scope, and the immediacy of digital advertising to offer a platform that connects brands to patients, consumers, and providers at every point of the care continuum.

We already had a lot of experience (and by “a lot,” I mean 19 years’ worth!) in bringing prescription brand messages to patients and consumers, specifically in the pharmacy aisle.  Now that we have added the ability to connect in the HCP office and digitally, we find that the impact of these campaigns can grow significantly. Meanwhile, the power of the pharmacy as a media channel has not waned.  Our commitment to evolving to support the industry’s changing needs served us well as COVID-19 began to impact the health sector.  Our relationships with HCPs and pharmacies across the country allowed us to get on the ground feedback and create strategies to help our clients succeed even in challenging times.

Our new whitepaper highlights the strategies we found to be successful during a pandemic.  The country’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic varied by state and region.  Some areas had quarantine orders or stay-at-home mandates, and others expanded hours and staff to make the pharmacy and health centers more accessible to those in need.  The fact is that many Americans’ routine healthcare was abruptly interrupted and in the ensuing months, we have all had to learn to navigate a new health landscape.


One thing that hasn’t changed is consumers’ continued reliance on the pharmacy to manage their health needs. Download our new whitepaper for what we’ve been seeing and how we feel that will impact the industry moving forward.