Essential Information

Essential Information for Essential Workers

Educating HCPs and patients has never been more important.  Patients are worried and looking for answers.  Doctors and HCPs are strained and overwhelmed.  Everyone wants information they can trust.  How can pharma marketers provide drug information when the entire healthcare system is in a constant state of flux?

Patients are still managing their health issues but facing an overburdened system.  Doctors are still creating treatment plans but are stretched thin with emergency care. Pharma sales representatives are sidelined and unable to use traditional channels of communication.  How can pharma overcome these challenges and deliver the information doctors and patients want?

With our recent acquisition of Brandperx, we have the ability to offer pharmaceutical and OTC clients a channel to educate doctors in a safe and effective way that addresses these factors.

Our HCP focused programs can be customized to conform to the specific needs of a target patient population and deliver information that HCPs need to provide the highest standard of care.  Pharma marketers can present meaningful drug information in an accessible way that improves the experience of the HCP as well as the patient.

We provide HCP access, influence, and trial for brands through our network of over 250,000 health care providers.  But our program goes beyond the physical deliverable.  Our in-house Physician Liaison team delivers ongoing service and support by conducting live outreach calls to opt-in each provider, confirm receipt and review of materials, and collect provider feedback with pre and post surveys.  This allows us to furnish measurable results and detailed analysis of the program’s performance.  Based on our many years of experience in delivering these programs, we have found almost universal acceptance from HCPs.   More importantly, we’ve discovered that providers act on the information they receive and appreciate its educational value.

When the rest of the world is sidelined from quarantines and stay-at-home orders, healthcare doesn’t stop.  More than ever, pharma marketers need proven methods to deliver relevant drug information to those that need it most.  Rx EDGE and Brandperx are committed to providing the channels to do so.  While pharma works, so do we.  Together.