Our New Company: Taking the Next Step in the Healthcare Marketing Evolution

Our New Company: Taking the Next Step in the Healthcare Marketing Evolution

It feels like we have undergone a profound amount of change in such a short period of time, both as a world and as a company. In late January, Rx EDGE and Brandperx merged, bringing the power of the pharmacy aisle and the HCP office together. Then in February we started to see the devastating growth of COVID-19 and the impact this had on people, communities, and healthcare as a whole. Though we are still navigating the new healthcare landscape, the crucial role HCP and patient education plays in the healthcare continuum has grown ever-more evident.

We are proud and excited about this new phase of our business and how this new company creates connections between healthcare marketers, HCPs, and consumers. The new venture of InStep Health isn’t just a new name. This new company is a total, integrated, 360-degree healthcare marketing platform that builds impact, influence, and engagement at every step of the healthcare journey. We combine best-in-class data with the power of relationships to create connections between brands, HCPs, and consumers – in the office, in the pharmacy aisle, and online.


Our goal with this new company was to create a way for brands to engage with consumers however they are accessing care and healthcare information. The consumer’s journey to find health or wellness solutions starts in different places – at the store shelf, with a question to the pharmacist, on their phone or computer, or it can start with a visit to their doctor. The new InStep Health platform creates connections at each of those points.

Our platform solution is built on best-in-class data insights to make sure you are in step with the consumer’s individual experience. It’s what we like to call iX. A consumer’s Individual Experience (iX) is unique. Our programs connect you to highly-targeted HCPs and consumers to deliverthe education and solutions they need – where and when they need it.

The whole InStep Health platform is iX-designed. It connects brands to consumers at every point of their healthcare journey to deliver access, influence, trial, and mindshare – and measure the results. It’s the power of iX.

We are so excited to launch this new platform to the market and it is just the beginning. As habits and preferences change for how, when, and where consumers seek information about their health, we will be ready to deliver it to them in a way that they can personally connect. We will bring new digital solutions that create connection to brands and physicians while continuing to deliver tangible experiences that consumers trust and can engage with in a whole different way. What won’t change however, is our connection and commitment to clients and our employees. I would like to thank the entire Instep Health team for their tireless work and dedication making this happen, and I would like to thank all of our clients and partners as they join us on this next step.