Innovation Recognition – three in a row for InStep Health!

The word “innovation” has been bandied around in the business world for so long that many think it is overused to the point of becoming just another hollow buzzword. But to me, it is the only word that captures the concept of bringing new ideas to life – ideas that make lives better, transform our thinking, and change our ways of doing business.  

That is why it is such an honor to be recognized once again in the PM360 Innovation issue – this year as one of the most innovative companies of 2020. In 2019 we were selected for our new Pharmacy + Digital platform, and the year before, PM360 singled out our targeting methodology for its strategic value to healthcare marketers. Of course, it is always exciting to be recognized for what we have done, but the impact of the achievement means even more this year. 2020 has been a year of challenges, the biggest of which has been, of course, the COVID –19 pandemic.

But beyond the pandemic, being recognized as an innovative company validates the arduous work the entire InStep Health team undertook in 2020 to get us where we are today. We closed an acquisition, integrated people and processes across two companies, implemented a rebranding initiative (complete with a new name), created a broader marketing and measurement platform, and added unique digital solutions. And we did all this during the backdrop of a pandemic.   But it is not just a prideful list of “activities” that constitute innovation – it is the meaningful change that we are bringing to the industry. 

We were able to achieve this milestone because of an exceptionally talented and dedicated team. Everyone rolled up their sleeves, pitched in, and drove us forward.   

Despite everything we have accomplished this year, we are not done yet!  I am excited about what we have planned for 2021. We have new products and services to roll out for Rx, CPG, and OTC clients that will provide more opportunities to connect with HCPs and patients in relevant, measurable ways. As we pursue approaches that bring unique value to our clients, I am confident that our team will find ourselves on the PM360 list again!

Far from being a cliché, innovation is an imperative at InStep Health.