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The People Have Spoken: They Love Our Work

Allow us to toot our own horn for a moment: our clients have spoken! Praise from our partners! We checked in with our clients and asked them what they liked about working with Rx EDGE, and consider us flattered — they responded in force.

Here are a few of our favorite takeaways (watch the video above for more):

“From initial planning through delivery of final results, I had a very positive experience working with Rx EDGE on an initiative for one of our women’s health products.  Applying their targeting tools, they worked with us to ensure that we would reach our intended audience in the right markets and the most appropriate store section.” – Marketing Director, Women’s Healthcare

“Rx EDGE has been a great partner. They have a large network of pharmacies that align with our strategic targeting and have a solid measurement program that provides the capability to ensure we are successful. The launch process itself was smooth and efficient and we are excited how this channel will pull-through our pharmacy strategy.” – Brand Director

“When it comes to point of care partners who deliver consistent results and truly respond to the needs of their clients, look no further than Rx EDGE. They have proven year after year to be a high-value partner that delivers excellent service.” – Consumer Marketing, Medical Aesthetics

“The Rx EDGE program was easily one of our highest measurable ROI promotional efforts.  It provided us an efficient way to directly reach a large population of our target audience and engage them with our full branded messaging.  The team at Rx EDGE demonstrated the strategic thinking and customer service you would want with a business partner.”  – Marketing Director, Rx for Dry Eye Disease

Why Rx EDGE Loves Testimonials

At Rx EDGE, we pride ourselves on being quantifiable, measurable, and actionable…and that applies to our client’s projects and to ourselves. We champion to our clients a results-first focus, which is summed up well in this quote from our Senior Vice President of Networks and Analytics, Rob Blazek, RPh “In the pharmaceutical world, too much is at stake to rely upon hypothetical means of determining effectiveness.” This is true for ourselves as well. Collecting feedback from our clients is always important to us.

If you’d like to see for yourself what it’s like to work with us, get in touch today.