2018 Case Studies

Now That’s A Wrap… Rx EDGE Showcases Top Case Studies from 2018

A new year is upon us, and with it—the opportunity to reflect and strategize for future success. In 2018, our team had the privilege of helping numerous pharma brands reach their goals through Rx EDGE programs. Each program resulted in a wealth of new findings. We showcased our discoveries by compiling three new intriguing case studies. Take a look!

I. It is a common misconception that patients with asymptomatic conditions can’t be reached by using targeted marketing methods available in the pharmacy. In this case study we explained the approach Rx EDGE took to allow pharma brands to penetrate their ideal audience. Our programs have given clients the tools to educate and acquire new patients. We do this by utilizing accurate patient demographics, expanding audience reach, and targeting patients with adjunctive conditions. Read more in Asymptomatic Conditions Case Study.

II. Let’s face it, most of today’s consumers can be found shopping on the internet. One exception to the rule—drugstore pharmacies. The Dominant Marketing Tactic case study takes a deeper look at why these physical stores maintain a strong customer base. Next, we offer insights on the brand categories that heavily rely on in-store marketing as their primary marketing channel. Each pharma brand has their own distinct set of goals, and our study describes how and why our programs were successful for pharma brands in categories that include IBS-D, Vaccines, and Flu. Find more in the Dominant Marketing Tactic Case Study.

III. The market for products created to treat GERD has become one that is overwhelmingly competitive. A category that was once dominated by generic and brand name drugs is now flooded with OTC products.

In this case study, we shared a deeper look at the challenges our client faced, and the program strategies our team created to help them maintain a significant presence in the market place. Read on in Market Barriers Case Study.


So, as you draw your road map to success for 2019, take these pearls of wisdom along for the journey…

One…Your potential patients and customers are in the pharmacy.
Two…Rx EDGE has the tools for you to reach them!

Wishing you great success in 2019!

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