Here are the Answers to Challenges in Measurement: What We Took Away from DTC’s Panel of Experts


DTC Perspectives did it again… Last week, CEO & Chairman Bob Ehrlich inspired an excellent conversation centered on Advancements in Measurement for the life sciences. The latest installment of “Talking DTC” included a wise panel of industry experts from Media Radar, PatientPoint, DeepIntent, Veeva Crossix, and InStep Health’s Rob Blazek. 

Here are a few insights and key takeaways from the InStep Health team…

“I particularly enjoyed the part of the webinar when the future of measurement was discussed. Many panelists noted that segmenting messages based on differences within the market can lead to better outcomes. I also found it interesting that while COVID led to a rise in telehealth visits, there’s still work to be done in discerning whether a script is the result of a virtual visit— or one that is in-person.” – Megan Reda, Account Executive, Agency Group,

“Naturally, there was a boom in telehealth visits during COVID, and then we saw the number drop back down. While in most areas of healthcare, an in-office visit remains the preferred method of seeing the HCP, telehealth visits have shown themselves to be a good supplement to —but not a replacement for— the traditional in-office appointment.” – Curt Meyer, Executive Director Sales, Brand Group,

Cate’s take was, “In POC, some methodologies have evolved, but the basics of good measurement (script lift/test vs. control) have stayed the same. In measurement, it’s continued to remain important to prove the value of patient treatment by considering how well a medium did in terms of impacting the patient’s actual outcome.” – Cate Carley, Executive Director, Agency Group, 

Each panelist offered real-world examples of advancements in measurement from inside their niche are of the healthcare industry. They also provided candid responses when asked what areas of measurement needed improvement and what it would take to get them to the next level. 

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