Competing for Gold Against Traditional Media

Every four years when The Olympic Games grace our television screens, it is truly amazing to watch the world’s top athletes compete and prove themselves on a global stage. The thrill of world record- breaking is always within reach. These athletes spend their lives and countless hours of Herculean effort to compete in the games. I wish The Olympic Games could be every year!

Believe it or not, there’s a connection between The Olympic Games and a marketer’s choices in media channels!  We’ve selected five of our favorite events to illustrate how the pharmacy compares. Who will win gold?



Time is important in most of the Olympic sports, especially track and field. The difference between a gold and silver medal could come down to a tenth of a second. Time is also important to pharmaceutical advertising. On average program is active over a 12-week period. The tangible communication piece, in the form of a Solutions at the Shelf™ information dispenser, is displayed prominently in the aisles of the retail pharmacy. It creates a lasting impression each time a consumers come in contact with it.

Audience Print

In swim competitions, the audience stays silent for the start but then erupts in cheers and encouragement once the race starts. They’re engaged, motivated, and in an environment that grabs their attention.   The same can be said for the pharmacy channel audience. While they may not necessarily be loud and cheering, the pharmacy channel has an engaged audience that is searching for solutions, willing to focus attention, and motivated to take action.



Accuracy is a crucial element of archery in The Olympic Games. Athletes must channel their Grecian Olympic spirit and use that energy to hit the target perfectly. It is also important to “hit the target” when it comes do reaching prospective patients.

Target marketing in the pharmacy channel allows marketers to focus their messages on the segments that will be most likely to respond and benefit. The Insight EDGE™ targeting platform ensures that brand messages reach the intended audience. The best stores and store sections can be identified through the use of a comprehensive set of targeting tools unique to the retail environment. Through this two-step planning process, Insight EDGE™ hits the target in identifying and reaching the right audience.

Creating MomentsPrint

Rhythmic gymnastics is one of the most creative events in The Olympic Games. The competing gymnasts create moments to a choreographed routine using flips, dancing, and props. Similarly, pharmaceutical marketers work to create notable moments with the target audience.

There are a number of elements that can intrigue consumers and create moments within the aisle. For example, using alternative shapes with unique die-cuts to be more creative. Exploring graphic treatments that will help the information stand out within the aisles help drive eyes to the brand’s message.

CPM Print

CPM is a measure of efficiency. In basketball, efficiency can be the slight difference of winning or losing a game. Players work to be efficient by quickly passing the ball up-and-down the court. With the ultimate goal of making it to the basket, players must move feverishly while avoiding the opposing team.

The pharmacy “passes the ball down the court” admirably when it comes to CPM. In-pharmacy media programs are one-fourth the CPM of Primetime television. Because it accommodates matched-panel research methods, the pharmacy provides an excellent foundation for program measurement. This allows marketers to precisely evaluate sales effect efficiently.

Who will win gold? The pharmacy − proudly representing the “Pharmaceutical Media Channel”!