Back-to-school, back to the pharmacy


It’s that time of year again. The time when kids of all ages start to go to bed a little earlier, and begin to select that perfect first-day outfit. Yes, back-to-school season.

Days filled with summertime fun are being welcomed by the beginning of a new school year. To start off on the right scholarly foot, it’s important to prepare perfectly for the first day of school.

The years of “simple” school supply lists are a thing of the past. Now, the list is longer and more detailed. Parents and kids are on the look-out for the right rulers and the perfect pencils. The hunt begins to check every item on the list. But, no one wants to drive around town going to multiple stores. Time and convenience are important factors when back-to-school shopping. And the neighborhood pharmacy is right around the corner with what you need and more.

Pharmacies devote shelves upon shelves to school essentials. Folders, notebooks, backpacks…everything on the list, in one convenient place. Pharmacies have the items that you need to check off the list, and they also have what kids need for their health and wellness.

The pharmacy has it all

While preparing for a new school year, parents can also prepare for the flu season ahead. Pharmacies offer flu shots (no appointment necessary at most retailers) that fortify students’ defenses against possible sick days. Many pharmacies also have clinics. Back-to-school and sports physicals can be completed there.

Pharmacists are present to provide answers. If a parent has a question about the best kind of multivitamin to give their kid, they can turn to the pharmacist.

After the last lightening bugs are caught and the sunscreen is put away, the first day of school has arrived. Parents can rest assured that their scholar is ready for school. Not just with the contents of the backpack, but also with the assurance that the health and well-being of their child is taken care of.